Sister of dead Arima man urges: Check on elderly relatives

Fle photo: Forensic Science Centre
Fle photo: Forensic Science Centre

The sister of an Arima man who was found dead at his home last Wednesday is urging family members to put aside differences and be there for each other in difficult times.

Aaron Kallicharan, 62, was found dead by a friend at his home at La Retreat Road, Heights of Guanapo on Wednesday morning.

Kallicharan lived alone and supported himself by salvaging goods from the nearby dump.

Speaking with Newsday at the Forensic Science Centre, St James, on Wednesday, Kallicharan's sister Patsy Kallicharan-King said she did not see her brother often, but was devastated at his death and implored people to check on their relatives more often.

She said difficulties caused by the covid19 pandemic should bring families closer together and asked them to make amends before it was too late.

"If you realise you're not seeing them, go and look for them. Bring your family close to you, because sometimes you don't know the situation they're in. Sometimes they aren't talking with you to hear how they feel. Be aware, be close to your family regardless of whatever quarrel or fight you had. Be a family.

"We never used to look for him often."

Kallicharan-King said her brother was last seen alive on September 11 by neighbours, who said he did not appear to be well. He suffered with asthma.

She said Kallicharan had no wife or children and preferred living by himself near the dump despite knowing how dangerous the area could be because of criminals.

"My sister used to go and check him on the landfill auntil there were a few shootings. That's when she stopped going. I used to pass through because I had a daughter living nearby. I used to see him and talk to him.

"He knows the dangers of life out there, he knows that there are criminals out there, but he doesn't interact with someone."

Newsday understands Kallicharan's cause of death was undetermined owing to the extent of decomposition of the body.


"Sister of dead Arima man urges: Check on elderly relatives"

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