Abdul-Mohan: In world of turmoil, Trinidad and Tobago is blessed

Moderator Reverend Joy Abdul-Mohan of the Presbyterian Church. -
Moderator Reverend Joy Abdul-Mohan of the Presbyterian Church. -

AS the country prepares to celebrate the 45th anniversary of republican status on Friday, Moderator of the Presbyterian Church the Rt Rev Joy Abdul-Mohan is acknowledging how blessed this nation is, as turmoil rage around the world.

Especially in the field of education, she believes. which provides ample opportunities for growth and development of girls and women.

“This is stewardship month for us in the Presbyterian Church of Trinidad and Tobago (PCTT). It also marks the 45th Republic Day of our beloved country.

“As a church community we are urged to offer fervent prayers as we observe these two events,” she said.

“In doing so we remember all those who have been adversely affected by natural disasters and political dislocations both here and elsewhere.”

She empathised with the many citizens whose homes, lives and livestock were destroyed by recent flooding.

She was also sympathetic to the plight of Haitian nationals who lost their lives in the recent earthquake or have fled to the United States, where they are fighting for survival.

She also remembered the explosive eruptions in Afghanistan, where thousands had to flee as the infamous Taliban, steeped in ideological fanaticism, took charge.

“This volatile situation in Afghanistan reminds us of the travails of that young Nobel Peace laureate Malala Yousafzai, who faced death because radical religious fanatics were against liberating women and girls.

“She was a survivor of terrorism imposed by terrorist groups like the Taliban. She is now an advocate for girls'education.”

Abdul-Mohan recalled meeting Yousafzai when she visited TT in 2014 and how touched she was by her humble yet assertive disposition.

“Her advocacy for girls’ education reminds me of how much we need to be grateful for the gift of education, especially the education and development of women.

“No doubt, fear and uncertainty have gripped the women of Afghanistan because of the Taliban’s opposition to the education of women and girls. “

Despite all the issues of gender-based violence here and in the wider world, she said TT was blessed to witness and experience the progress of women in critical roles in our society.

“The education of women and girls are the visible examples of good stewardship of a republic state.”

As physical school is set to reopen on October 4 for some students,Abdul-Mohan prayed for the safety of teachers, guardians, students in a healthy, spiritual, physical and emotional environment.

“In August, I witnessed a mature excitement in our youths to get vaccinated and return to school – the stewardship of youth.

“As a Presbyterian community, our history bears witness to the fact that education is one of the building blocks of our foundation. The members of the PCTT are recipients of a great and blessed heritage and the value of what the members of the church have to offer now was never more apparent in these turbulent times.

“In this Stewardship month, we are challenged to give more of what we have received from God and from the Presbyterian Church of TT – as church workers, elders, teachers and members of the wider PCTT.

“May God continue to bless and guide us during these unique times that we may become better stewards of God’s gifts to us. “


"Abdul-Mohan: In world of turmoil, Trinidad and Tobago is blessed"

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