TTFF opens with Candela and Mano Santa

A scene from the film Candela by filmmaker and video artist, Andrés Farías, from the Dominican Republic. Candela and Mano Santa will open the TTFF  on September 21.
(Photo courtesy TTFF) -
A scene from the film Candela by filmmaker and video artist, Andrés Farías, from the Dominican Republic. Candela and Mano Santa will open the TTFF on September 21. (Photo courtesy TTFF) -

IN addition to films that will be showcased from the Caribbean and its diaspora, the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival (TTFF), which opens September 21, will present over 15 screenings by TT filmmakers in categories such as new media work, narrative film, and documentary film.

The festival's TT filmmakers will also include five student films (world premieres), depicting young talent and aspiring industry professionals.

From September 22-28, TT audiences will can watch consecutive days of productions by native artists and directors, screenings, talk sessions, Q&As, and masterclasses will also highlight the experience, and ongoing relevance some of the creatives hold in the local and international industry, said a media release.

Run by the non-profit Filmmakers Collaborative of TT (Filmco), the TTFF continues the annual celebration of film.

"TTFF celebrates films from and about the Caribbean and its diaspora, as well as from world cinema. It also seeks to facilitate the growth of Caribbean cinema. Now in its 16th year, the film festival has become a much-anticipated event and a mainstay of TT’s cultural calendar," the release said.

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Here are some of TT directors and screenings over the next few days;

September 22


Directed by Nicola Cross


Documentary short/13 minutes

Caribbean premiere

Background: Becky is an unexpectedly uplifting story about a Kenyan woman’s resilience on her journey to feeling complete.

Over – Flow

Director: Elizabeth Ramjit


Documentary short/18 minutes

World premiere

Background: In 2018 a succession of floods hit TT. Over-Flow is a first-hand account, by filmmaker Elizabeth Ramjit. The film explores accountability in TT, where a lack of environmental regulations and a culture of littering exacerbates natural disasters.

September 23

Horace Ove Retrospective – Baldwin’s N----r

TT director and photographer Horace Ové. (Photo courtesy TTFF) -

Director: Horace Ove



In his first film, Horace Ové directs as striking, verité snapshot of writer James Baldwin at his sharp-witted best: conversing with civil-rights activist, Dick Gregory as they address a group of radical Caribbean students in 1960s London. The two discuss the Civil Rights Movement and black experience and identity in both Britain and the US.

Killing Columbus

Directors: Yasha Hanoomansingh and David Parris


Narrative medium/30 minutes

TT premiere

Donny, a middle-aged, struggling and defeated painter returns to Trinidad sponsored by Anya, a former protégé, after failing to find success abroad. He is offered work by an anonymous client to paint a portrait of Christopher Columbus. Out of a need for financial independence from Anya but against his values, he accepts the job, but is paid more than money as Christopher Columbus is reborn from the painting in human form.

September 24


Director: Alexander Johnson


Narrative short/2 minutes

World premiere

While self-quarantined at home, a young man is sent a link to a glitchy supernatural app. He tries to use it as a way to escape lockdown.

Hang Jack

Director: Shane Lee Kit

2021/ TT

Narrative short / 12 minutes

World premiere

Lucia, a Venezuelan immigrant, works at Jack’s Guest House, a private brothel in Trinidad. Sam, a frequent client, finds out that Lucia has become pregnant by him. When Sam learns that Jack the pimp will not allow them to keep the baby, he begins to plan their escape.

Horace Ove Retrospective – The Ghost of Hing King Estate

Director: Horace Ove


Narrative Feature/120 minutes

Background: After six people mysteriously die over a five-month period on the Hing King Estate in Las Cuevas, Trinidad, all fingers point to the plantation owner's wife, Carmelle Dauphin. This supernatural thriller is based on actual events.

It's Just a Lil' Wine

Director: Ryan Lee


Documentary/55 minutes

When dance is life, what goes on when the lights go down and the crowds are gone? Witness an unfiltered look into the dance world in TT.

Love in Seven Moments

Director: Juliette McCawley


Narrative short/14 minutes

World premiere

Boy meets girl. They fall in love. But will what has brought them together, tear them apart? One love story told by two couples.

Maybe One Day

Director: Riyadh Rahaman


Narrative short/2 minutes

Caribbean premiere

For some, this past year has been the hardest of their lives. Stuck indoors, no contact with friends and the fear of the virus always present. So many things we take for granted, but we must always remember to ask ourselves the question: what are we thankful for?

The Passenger

Directors: Kirk Budhooram and Kavita Ganness


Narrative short/3 minutes

World premiere

What happens when a passenger refuses to wear a mask in a taxi during the covid19 pandemic?


Director: Marc Beepath


Narrative short/9 minutes

Wrecked explores the various stages of grief through a young man’s eyes. Trying to save his car after it’s damaged in an accident, he dives into dealing with a much deeper loss.


"TTFF opens with Candela and Mano Santa"

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