BPTT's Matapal project achieves first gas

BPTT Matapal
Photo courtesy BPTT -
BPTT Matapal Photo courtesy BPTT -

BPTT, the largest hydrocarbon content producer in TT, has achieved first gas in its Matapal project, which first began drilling in 2017.

The project, BPTT said in a tweet, is about 80 kilometres off the southeast coast of Trinidad and about 8 kilometres east of Juniper.

“Matapal will deliver gas into the Trinidad gas market from resources discovered by the Savannah exploration well,” it said. “The initial production from this development is expected to be in the range of 250-300 million mmscfd, once all wells are fully ramped up.”

BPTT president Claire Fitzpatrick applauded the milestone. saying natural gas would play an important role in energy transition and the economy of TT for years to come.

“This is why our team at BPTT has worked diligently to safely start up our Matapal project which we successfully achieved both under budget and ahead of schedule.” Fitzpatrick said. “We are committed to a strong energy future in TT and this project plays a critical role in delivering that.”

BPTT said the project required modification to the existing Juniper oil platform and constructing and installing subsea equipment. The majority of fabrication work needed to adapt the Juniper platform for new production was done locally.

BPTT has 15 offshore production platforms, accounting for 55 per cent of TT’s gas production.


"BPTT’s Matapal project achieves first gas"

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