Urologist: Minaj misinformed on testicular swelling and covid19 vaccines

Urologist Dr Lall Sawh -
Urologist Dr Lall Sawh -

ONE of Trinidad and Tobago’s renowned urologists, Dr Lall Sawh says TT-born international rapper Nicki Minaj was misinformed about any link between testicular swelling, erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence and covid19 vaccination.

Sawh said she reacted like a typical Trinidadian, “jumping to confusion” with misinformation.

Instead of “jumping to confusion,” Sawh said, however, she should use her extensive social media platforms to help men survive.

“In fairness to Nicki, like a typical Trinidadian, she got misinformation and she reacted, jumping to confusion. That is understandable.

“My message to her, though, is to use her influence with her social media followers to educate men properly. Encourage men to have their prostates checked. She could make a difference to the survival of men by getting them to get their prostate checked rather than going off on inappropriate and uninformed information.”

The rapper came under the spotlight in the past week when she tweeted that a friend of a cousin of hers in Trinidad developed swollen testicles and became impotent after receiving a covid19 vaccine.

Her comment drew international media attention, and laughter, as well as condemnation locally and abroad, from scientists and politicians – including Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh, who debunked her findings.

Sawh said many men who suffer from testicular enlargement or ED often ascribe blame to something or someone.

“The person who misinformed Nicki by blaming the vaccine must have had swollen testicles before.”

He said the swelling of the testicles is indeed a genuine male issue and is caused by a number of factors, including hydrocele, which is when fluid collects around the testicles, and cancer. He said scrotal swelling or testicular enlargement can be evaluated by a urologist and treated.

While there is no scientific data linking the vaccine to testicular swelling or ED, Sawh said research is being done to establish whether covid19 can cause ED.

He recalled earlier this year a paper coming out of the Miller School of Medicine, in Miami, showed some coronaviruses were found in the penises of men who were undergoing operations for prostatitis, which is inflammation (swelling) of the prostate gland. He said the virus particles were found in the penises of two patients and that is now being investigated.

“I have seen and treated thousands of penises and I can’t recall any scientific evidence of a link between the virus and impotence until the research develops.

“Two patients in the world does not make any accurate correlation to the two.

“The bottom line is, we have absolutely no evidence the vaccination nor the virus per se can cause impotence.

For men who may be concerned, he advised, “Listen to the science and not social media, which is 90 per cent inaccurate.

“There is no evidence to be scared.”

He encouraged people, especially those who are susceptible, to take the vaccine.


"Urologist: Minaj misinformed on testicular swelling and covid19 vaccines"

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