Lift the curfew, let people live again

Tour boats at the Caroni Swamp remain on the dock as recreational places are still closed. - Photo by Jeff K. Mayers
Tour boats at the Caroni Swamp remain on the dock as recreational places are still closed. - Photo by Jeff K. Mayers

THE EDITOR: I have so many questions and concerns about many things and just needed an avenue to highlight them.

I am of the firm belief that it is time for some things to change in this country regarding us being in this very oppressive lockdown and SOE. While the country is yet to receive or see any official scientific or medical data to support the success of the SOE, more businesses have closed down and many people are even more financially challenged.

Firstly, I have a few questions – What purpose is the curfew serving? Will the public get official data to show the success of it when it has finally ended? If all liming spots are closed, why is there a curfew or why can’t it be from midnight to 4 am to accommodate more persons who do shift work?

This curfew is oppressive and many people who sell food in the night are barely able to cover their expenses since there is less time for sales to be made.

Also, it is high time for all wildlife, nature or eco-tourist attractions to be reopened so that people can go to these areas in small groups to relax. I am not sure if any of the people working at these various areas would have received any salary grant but for how long are these places to remain closed? We are in a pandemic and many people are depressed and visiting a beautiful eco-attraction would be therapeutic.

People should be outside getting sufficient sunlight and should be able to visit these places to relax, pray and meditate. People should also be able to go for a boat ride on the Caroni Swamp and down the islands without coming off the boat of course. It is also time for the zoo to be reopened.

While beaches, rivers and waterfalls remain inaccessible, people should be able to visit all other tourist attractions. Don’t the owners and managers of these places need money to survive and pay their bills too? People should be able to book appointments to visit these beautiful gems in our country to avoid over crowding.

Last year, the PM spoke about providing bar owners with some funding since they have been affected the most and no one seems to know when the financial donation would be made, BOATT should hold the government accountable for not making the donation. How on earth are they or their workers supposed to survive? Is everyone expected to pivot to sell fruits, liquid detergent, toilet paper in bulk and vegetables?

It is very disheartening that this government has made many missteps during this pandemic that would have contributed to the loss of millions of dollars for business owners and the public at large. Cinemas, gyms, spas, places of worship should have been reopened a long time ago with a limited amount of people.

Imagine retail shops were opened so late but more have closed down, if people can line up to the supermarket, why couldn’t they line up outside a retail shop? Retail shops could have opened sooner or for a few days at time.

May I also suggest that we need to do some volunteer or paid clean-up campaigns all over the country especially by all beaches, rivers, abandoned buildings etc. Can the CEPEP or URP work not be expanded into more than just sweeping, painting stones or cutting grass? Anyway, there is just too much pollution in this sweet twin island republic. We are too nasty and causing our own flooding problems, yes, the drainage system in our country is not sufficient or is ineffective but we need to do better.

I’m sorry but I am very disappointed with this government and have been disappointed for some time now, decisions are being made without the input of stakeholders, the government does not seem to want to listen to anyone. No one knows what is the update on the Road to Recovery plan or if any progress has been made.

We are being forced to take a vaccine and no one wants to be held liable if someone dies or get severely ill. Is it not time for a proper covid vaccination insurance policy to be put in place to protect everyone?

Sometimes I sit, reflect and just feel to cry when I see what is going on in this country, but yet I am thankful for God's blessings.


Port of Spain


"Lift the curfew, let people live again"

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