Baker's delight: Shermia Pierre, 12, whips up cupcake treats

Shermia Pierre, owner of Mia Magical Designs, baked cup cakes topped with the national flag at her home in Mayaro. - Photo by Marvin Hamilton
Shermia Pierre, owner of Mia Magical Designs, baked cup cakes topped with the national flag at her home in Mayaro. - Photo by Marvin Hamilton

When Shermia Pierre started her baking business Mia Magical Creations in 2019, she was supported by family and friends.

It’s just one reason why family means everything to her.

Shermia’s parents motivated her to practise her skills when she began baking at the age of seven.

Newsday Kids recently caught up with Shermia, 12, while she was baking at her Mayaro home, preparing cupcakes topped with national flags, inspired by her love for TT.

“I always liked baking and I always had a passion for it.

“My parents were very supportive of my love for baking. They actually pushed me to start this business.”

When she was younger, Shermia began watching baking videos on YouTube.

It was only natural she wanted to try it, so her parents helped her bake cupcakes.

Sheriza Pierre enjoys a cupcake baked by her big sister Shermia Pierre at their home in Mayaro. - Photo by Marvin Hamilton

From there, Shermia’s love for baking only grew and she ritually watches YouTube videos to keep learning new skills and designs.

Confident, she said there were no difficulties learning to bake. Her parents encouraged her to start a business in 2019 which is when she came up with Mia Magical Creations.

“I got the idea from my parents. I wanted to do it as well so the community can try my treats.

“I got a lot of orders from people like my family and other people from different areas.”

But to help improve her baking, Shermia decided to learn to make cake toppers this year.

To make the process easier, her parents bought her a Cricut maker which is a machine that allows people to precision-cut materials like the ones used to make cake toppers. Shermia used YouTube to learn how to use it.

“I download different stuff (designs) from the internet, save it on my laptop, print it and then cut it out.”

For now, Shermia only makes cupcakes but she’s also trying her hand at making cakes.

She knows by doing so, she will only continue to become a better baker.

Given Shermia’s family support, it’s no surprise they also join in on the baking fun.

Her four-year-old sister, Sherzia, particularly loves helping to put sprinkles on the cupcakes though Shermia admits she loves to eat a lot of them too.

For Shermia, the time spent with her sister in the kitchen is the best.

“I like to play with my sister. We live to play catch and hide and seek.”

Outside of the kitchen, Shermia enjoys swimming and was even once a non-competitive member of the community’s swim team.

She recently graduated from Mayaro Government Primary School and was awarded the top all-round student.

Shermia Pierre is proud of the medals and trophies on graduating from Mayaro Government Primary School. She is now a form one student of Cowen Hamilton Secondary School. - Photo by Marvin Hamilton

She’s now looking forward to starting form one at Cowen Hamilton Secondary School.

“I’m looking forward to doing great and become one of the top students in that school.”

And she also already knows what she wants to be.

“I want to be a dentist, but the baking will be like a side job to me.

“I also want to have my own company with all kinds of different cakes and cupcakes.”

Shermia Pierre, centre, gets a big hug from her little sister, Sheriza Pierre, and mother Camille Nicholas at their home in Mayaro.
- Photo by Marvin Hamilton

Whether they want to learn a new skill or even start a business, Shermia encourages other children to be confident in what they do.

She also calls on families to support the dreams of children like herself.

“It’s important that families support their children’s dreams so that they can be a great person in the community and have great values.”

Readers can follow Shermia on Instagram @zoyialittlecupcake.


"Baker’s delight: Shermia Pierre, 12, whips up cupcake treats"

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