Trinidad and Tobago tertiary students gear up for Day of Sport


THE TERTIARY Sport Association of Trinidad and Tobago (TSATT) will participate in the fifth International Day of University Sport (IDUS), on Monday, with a virtual aerobics burnout and a number of activities to follow.

The IDUS, spearheaded by the International University Sports Federation (FISU) and proclaimed by the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), is an event which has mobilised students and encouraged them to embrace physical activity as a part of their daily campus lives.

The TSATT aerobics burnout, will be staged online for all university students, staff, friends and family.

Former FISU student ambassador Timothy Derry said the event is intended to get participants excited about physical events which can occur once the covid19 restrictions are lifted/eased.

The IDUS "focuses particularly on the role universities play in teaching young people social and leadership skills through sport," said Derry.

"This day is celebrated worldwide every year in universities around the world to promote universities as a centre for sport and recreation for students, athletes, staff and the general community."

"What is also very important is the need for us to all recognise the importance of sport and physical activity in our daily lives”.

Le-Roy Pierre, vice-president, events and competitions at TSATT, and sport coordinator at the University of the Southern Caribbean, said, “We deem this celebration of the IDUS as an integral day in the calendar of events by TSATT.

The virtual aerobic burnout is expected, he said, is expected to engage hundreds of enthusiastic students and staff from its member institutions.

"We are also encouraging all of TT to join in on this fun and exciting activity. Through this event we are hoping to create further awareness of the benefits of physical activity.

"We hope that it will encourage persons to get involved in daily movement activities as a start towards leading a more active lifestyle”.

The aerobic event will be coordinated by Brent Elder and Orlando Pyle, two well-known members of the TT fitness community.

This year’s IDUS event will feature participation from USC, University of the West Indies (UWI), College of Science, Technology and Applied Arts of TT, University of TT, MIC Institute of Technology, UWI School of Business and Applied Studies, UWI Open Campus, Cipriani College of Labour and Co-Operative Studies, and School of Business and Computer Studies.

Last year, the IDUS set new records with tens of thousands of university students and many others participating.

One hundred and two countries participated in 2019, with nearly 300 sporting and recreational activities organised specifically for the occasion.


"Trinidad and Tobago tertiary students gear up for Day of Sport"

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