Locals annoyed at Nicki Minaj saying Instagram not easy to access in Trinidad and Tobago

Nicki Minaj - Photo by Sureash Cholai
Nicki Minaj - Photo by Sureash Cholai

SINCE its inception, Instagram has been available for download and use in Trinidad and Tobago.

So recent comments made by Trinidad-born rapper Nicki Minaj have left locals irritated.

Minaj said, "Could you imagine? Could you imagine in a country where it's not that easy to get on Instagram? A lot of my family members in Trinidad don't even have Instagram."

Almost immediately, this became the topic of satirical jokes and memes across social media.

For instance, one user posted on Facebook: "Anybody who has access to Instagram in Trinidad, consider allyuh self a part of the one per cent now because according to Nicki Minaj it isn't as easy to get on/access Instagram, because a lot of her family doesn't have it, so allyuh, we make it!"

Soca star Sekon Sta asked on Twitter, "Hey, ya'll have Instagram?"

Keron Ramsey posted a photoshopped image on Facebook of an Instagram notification saying "Access denied: No third-world countries allowed."

Minaj's comment also led to US citizens trolling Trinidad and Tobago online, claiming, "They don't have Instagram in Trinidad."

A Twitter user said, "I mean, yes, we have it hard here but OMG...

"Where her family living Deep south or in the Tamana forest or something? I'm flabbergasted. I'm confused."

Someone replied to say they thought her family was from Siparia, but another user retorted, "I'm from down on those ends. Trust me, we aren't living in the trenches."

One woman jokingly said, "Damn, I didn't know we couldn't go on Instagram here. As a social media manager, what do I do now?"

Minaj has been a hot topic this week after a series of covid19-vaccine-related tweets, with the most popular one being about a friend of one of her cousins who allegedly became impotent after taking a vaccine, and his testicles became swollen.

Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh has since said no such incident has occurred in TT.


"Locals annoyed at Nicki Minaj saying Instagram not easy to access in Trinidad and Tobago"

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