Defensive driving training a must

Photo courtesy Pixabay
Photo courtesy Pixabay

THE EDITOR: Vehicular accidents have become a numb reality. There are endless reports of accidents where “the driver lost control.” How does a driver possibly lose control? Which destination in TT is so far away that requires a need for speed other than the emergency room? I scratch my head to comprehend why someone would “bad-drive” and race ahead of me only to arrive at the same red traffic light.

Here’s another discussion about “mandatory” – defensive driving training. My dad and his insurance company mandated defensive driving training as a prerequisite for me getting the keys to his B15. However, he is justified because it is evident not everyone on the roads has this training – or for that matter a legal driver’s permit.

As a recommendation, the relevant authority should enforce mandatory defensive driving training – theory and practical – as par for the course of obtaining a driver’s permit. We touch knuckles that the licensing office is a nightmare, but it can’t be worse than getting in a collision and somehow you are wrong or spending long hours in “maco” traffic.

I can testify that defensive driving training has sharpened me as a responsible driver, educated me on safe driving habits, and ingrained professionalism when driving. I learned many tips and techniques about complex driving scenarios such as intersections, major highways, emergency manoeuvres, overtaking and basic car maintenance.

In addition, I also have an appreciation for blind spots, courtesy to truck drivers, communication among other drivers, coupled with cool features of an average vehicle.

A takeaway of Fast and Furious movies is that we must value our family, for the only winner in a race is the one who reaches their destination safely.


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"Defensive driving training a must"

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