Please don’t exchange wisdom for ‘wisdumb’

THE EDITOR: It amazes me how individuals worldwide and in particular in TT come up with their excuses (valid or invalid) for not taking the covid19 vaccine. No matter what the official medical communications agencies may put out there, the conspiracy theorists always seem to steal the spotlight.

The anti-vaxxers strongly believe in any misinformation coming from the various social media platforms. These are the platforms for propagating words of “wisdumb,” such as “this vaccine is the mark of the beast” and “the vaccine is being used to implant a microchip” and “the vaccine was developed too fast, so we don’t trust it.”

They are also the platforms for promoting ideals of individual rights and “freedumbs,” such as “it’s your right to get vaccinated with all other vaccines except that vaccine for the dreaded covid19 virus” and “we should have the freedumb to go about our business without masks and to lime and party when and where we choose.”

The Bible says that anyone who calls another person a fool is in danger of hellfire. However, there are several Bible references dealing with foolish people and stupidity. Two of them that I reference are:

(a) 2 Timothy chap 3 verse 7: “Always learning and never able to arrive at a knowledge of truth.”

This could refer to the anti-vaxxers who search through social media diligently every day for more and more misinformation about the vaccine, while conveniently skipping over the truth.

(b) “The prudent sees danger and hides himself, but the simple goes on and suffers for it.”

This could also refer to the anti-vaxxers who face this covid19 danger head-on without vaccine protection and stand the consequences of either death or a long covid19. While the prudent will take the vaccine and still take precautions and observe public health protocols.

I have heard some men of God come out strongly against vaccination and instead promote divine protection and healing. While God is indeed good and His mercies endureth forever, this fact does not negate many Christians’ belief that God also heals indirectly.

There were physicians during the early days of Israel through the time of Christ and even to this present day. Medicines, medications and methods may have changed considerably, but His hand still guides and heals through medicine. ,

In the book of Numbers, chap 21 verse 19, it reads: “So Moses made a bronze serpent and put it on a pole. And if a serpent bit anyone, he would look at the bronze serpent and live.”

If God could use an inanimate object such as this to administer divine healing among His people, why can’t He use a vaccine?

This is an appeal to all citizens, especially Christians. God has given to each of us His Holy Spirit. From the Holy Spirit flows the gifts of the Spirit. One of these gifts is wisdom. My prayer is that you do not exchange wisdom for “wisdumb.”




"Please don’t exchange wisdom for ‘wisdumb’"

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