What about promised projects, Mr Mayor?

File photo: San Fernando Mayor Junia Regrello.
File photo: San Fernando Mayor Junia Regrello.

THE EDITOR: I write on behalf of those people who share similar views and concerns with me and those who have expressed frustration at the slow pace of delivery of recreational facilities promised to citizens of San Fernando.

Just recently it has become near impossible to communicate with San Fernando Mayor Junia Regrello and the city corporation regarding the slow progress and lack of updates regarding Skinner Park and the Lady Hailes Avenue boardwalk.

Also in question is the lack of attention to the promised accommodation for sea bathers of San Fernando and environs. This promise was made at the last public consultation at City Hall.

Many people are walking around in a daze as to what to do to experience outdoor activities. Club riders and recreational cyclists may or may not choose to use the roads to ride. This may not be the right choice for obvious reasons.

The boardwalk is eagerly awaited as is some kind of facility or accommodation for sea bathers. San Fernando has a long history of producing good swimmers and we do not want this tradition to die.

Thousands of people who depend on swimming/water exercise need this to rehabilitate limbs and general health.

This is a call for updates and more information regarding the promised public projects. It is also for the distinct disconnect between the mayor’s office and the community to be remedied and to function as in the past.


San Fernando


"What about promised projects, Mr Mayor?"

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