Government minister in quarantine for covid19

File photo: Prime Minister and head of government Dr Rowley. Photo by Lincoln Holder
File photo: Prime Minister and head of government Dr Rowley. Photo by Lincoln Holder

ANOTHER member of the People’s National Movement (PNM) Government is now in isolation for covid19.

The Prime Minister confirmed during a political meeting in his Diego Martin West constituency on Tuesday night that one of his Cabinet colleagues is in quarantine.

He did not identify the minister nor his or her gender, but said the minister’s entire family was also in isolation.

Rowley is the only member of his Cabinet to have contracted the virus to date.

The pandemic was one of two key issues he broached during his address, more than an hour long, before a small audience, which was carried live on radio and television, past the 9 pm curfew.

He also spent a lot of time addressing the controversy surrounding the National Gas Company (NGC), its hefty investment to find gas for Atlantic Train 1, in which it has a minority share, the loss of that investment and indemnity now being sought by members of the board.

He defended NGC president Mark Loquan, for whose resignation the Opposition has been agitating.

Rowley made a plea for citizens to get vaccinated, as he said the pandemic has consumed, absorbed and "eaten more than our dinner," having claimed the lives of over five million across the globe.

He mourned the 1,386 people who have died in Trinidad and Tobago thus far, but said this country is better off than many others.

He spoke about an emergency Caricom meeting he attended on Monday and the leaders of those countries asking for help, having lost control of the battle against the virus.

He warned citizens that even though Trinidad and Tobago is better off, this is no reason to remain unvaccinated.


"Government minister in quarantine for covid19"

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