Fully vaccinated people allowed at Santa Rosa Park

Robert Bernard - Joel Bailey
Robert Bernard - Joel Bailey

FULLY VACCINATED people will be allowed at the Santa Rosa Park, Arima, when horseracing resumes at the venue.

In a notice to all stakeholders, from the management of the Arima Race Club (ARC), issued on September 13, “In pursuance of their imminent reopening of the gambling industry, the Government has designated all betting facilities Safe Zones.

“It means that, with effect from the first race day scheduled for October 9, 2021, only fully vaccinated persons will be allowed access to Santa Rosa Park on race days,” the notice continued. “In addition, all regular covid19 protocols will be strictly enforced.”

ARC president Robert Bernard said on Tuesday, “That will be to comply with what the Government is trying to get going, with this Safe Zone idea. The Government hasn’t given us approval yet on (October) 9th.

“I suspend they may want us to operate as a Safe Zone,” he added. “From the response of the Bookmakers Association and the betting shops, they are going to be considered Safe Zones and, to be considered as such, (one) have to be vaccinated.”

The last day of racing was on April 24, before Government re-implemented a covid19 lockdown.

Bernard acknowledged, “To be very frank, a lot of guys have opted to get out of the industry. It’s not cheap to own racehorses. With no sight as to when it’s going to open back, you really have to be a true lover of the sport, and have deep enough pockets to sustain it over the time.

“In Trinidad and Tobago today, most people are under a lot of pressure, financially and otherwise. That is certainly not a priority in some people’s eyes.”


"Fully vaccinated people allowed at Santa Rosa Park"

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