Cops, civilians to quarantine after station scuffle in Valencia

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File photo

Three Sangre Grande siblings, including a covid19-positive woman and nine Valencia police officers, will be quarantined after they were in close contact with each other on Tuesday afternoon.

Police said the three siblings visited the Valencia police station on Tuesday afternoon to report a fight at their family home.

While at the station, the siblings fought again but were separated by police.

Police later found out one of the women. who works at the Sangre Grande Hospital, is covid19-positive, had a quarantine order and should have been self-isolating at home.

She was charged with breaching quarantine.

Police said the woman was allowed to leave in her private car, which she drove to the station.

The remaining two siblings also left in their cars to be quarantined at home.

Eastern Division police confirmed that the officers on duty were quarantined and the station sanitised.

Contacted for comment, senior police urged people who were covid19- positive to make reports either by phone or online and avoid leaving their homes and coming into further contact with people.


"Cops, civilians to quarantine after station scuffle in Valencia"

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