Acting CoP: Criminals impersonating police behind 'Boombie' murder

Anthon Boney
Anthon Boney

ACTING Commissioner of Police McDonald Jacob says criminals impersonating police officers were the ones who killed reputed gang leader Anthon "Boombie" Boney last week Wednesday.

He made this revelation in response to reporters' questions at a function at the Ministry of National Security office at the International Waterfront Centre, Port of Spain on Tuesday.

Boney was shot dead in his car off the Uriah Butler Highway near the Caroni Bird Sanctuary. It is believed he pulled to the side of the highway after being told to do so by men he thought were legitimate police officers. He was buried on Monday under Muslim rites at the Aranguez public cemetery after a funeral at the John John basketball court in Laventille.

A reporter asked Jacob if he was bothered that criminals impersonating police had shot Boney.

"We are definitely concerned at situations like that. It's not the first time we have people pretend to be police officers to carrying out various (criminal) acts.

"In fact we are even looking at aspects of our uniform and how we can make the necessary changes. There are rules and regulations as to how police officers should be dressed and how they should be able to identify themselves." He said the police service will notify the public so they could help in this regard.

Jacob said the investigation into Boney's death was still "active and ongoing."

"But as you are aware we have done what was required to be done. Since then to now we have a certain amount of tranquility that is existing because of our whole security measures."

He suggested these measures took account of comments made by Yasin Abu Bakr in a recent tirade against the authorities posted on social media.

"So we are definitely on top of our game, together with the other law enforcement agencies. Together with the Defence Force we are holding down things and we will continue as we develop our intelligence apparatus."

Asked if the country was now under a threat of unrest (after Bakr's tirade), Jacob said the police and Office of Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) would examine the remarks.

"As the Minister of National Security (Fitzgerald Hinds) said we don't see it in that way at all. However our analysis is done and persons from the Special Branch will visit the DPP's office to see if there is anything in it at all.

"But initially we did not see anything to reach to that level. We understand that there is disquiet in the community at this time but our common enemy right now is covid19, and we are calling on all leaders - even the imam, the priests, the teachers, everybody - to encourage their followers to get vaccinated."

Hinds expressed confidence in the police, saying he had trained thousands of them, and backed their goal to get 1,000 illegal guns off the street between September and December.


"Acting CoP: Criminals impersonating police behind ‘Boombie’ murder"

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