Venezuelan fined for having no driver's permit, insurance

A 28-YEAR-OLD Venezuelan man was fined $2,000 and $800 by magistrate Avion Gill at the Arima court, on Monday.

Jesus David Camacho pleaded guilty to driving without a valid certificate of insurance and without a valid driver’s permit (DP).

The fines must be paid within four months or in default he must serve three months’ imprisonment.

On Saturday, actingg Cpl Caby and WPC Dieffenthaller of the Arima Street Patrol Unit were on duty on Farfan Street in Arima when Dieffenthaller stopped a brown Nissan vehicle because the passenger was not wearing a face mask.

Both the passenger and driver were questioned and the driver, Camacho, failed to produce his insurance and DP when asked to do so.

Venezuelan-born Camacho said he was never issued a DP or insurance certificate. PC Gabriel charged him for driving without a valid DP and certificate of insurance.


"Venezuelan fined for having no driver’s permit, insurance"

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