Are we that blind?

THE EDITOR: Every day it becomes clearer to me that we are a visionless society/country.

There is a pothole that was fixed sometime last year on the Diego Martin Highway just after the intersection to go onto the Diego Martin Main Road, by Victoria Gardens, or stay the highway heading north.

This repaired pothole has once again opened up and gets bigger with each passing day. Motorists who are not aware of it will have to swerve at the last minute to avoid it, which of course will take them into the fast lane, possibly hitting another vehicle, or drive through it and risk damaging their vehicle.

I say visionless because the highway is used daily by Members of Parliament, the chairman, council members and employees of the Diego Martin Regional Corporation, the police who are a stone's through away, Ministry of Works personnel and the President, but it appears no one can see it fit to put a simple report into the division responsible.

Are we really that blind?


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"Are we that blind?"

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