Indarsingh: UNC opposed to TT Revenue Authority

Rudranath Indarsingh -
Rudranath Indarsingh -

UNC MP for Couva South Rudranath Indarsingh has said the party is not in support of the Trinidad and Tobago Revenue Authority (TTRA).

Indarsingh was speaking at the UNC weekly press conference on Sunday.

He said, “We have been opposed to the TTRA, whether under (Patrick) Manning or under the (Dr Keith) Rowley administration.

“The Revenue Authority Bill of 2012, 2018, 2019, and 2021 which is to be debated on Tuesday in the upper house. We are not in support of this entity.”

He said the conversation around the TT Revenue Authority Bill was based on the principle of the three-fifths majority ruling. However, Indarsingh said the debate on Tuesday will only need a simple majority.

“This reeks an attack on the Constitution and parliamentary process. Why would this elitist, clandestine Prime Minister, Attorney General, and Minister of Finance want to change the bill to one that only requires a simple majority?”

He also said the TTRA will erode the public service commission.

“In recent times, the Police Service Commission has become a tool of the PNM where the commission – I am asking, I don’t know – to be taking orders from the PNM. And in that context, I want to ask the Prime Minister, what role has he played in undermining the independence of the service commission?”

He said the bill is attempting to expand the contract employment within the public service.

“What is (Rowley’s) position as it relates to contract workers in the public service?”

He said the bill must be seen as an abuse of authority and power at the expense of the rights of the people.

“This bill which interferes significantly with property and privacy rights is protected under section four and five of the Constitution of TT.”


"Indarsingh: UNC opposed to TT Revenue Authority"

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