9 dead, 182 new covid19 cases

Image courtesy CDC.
Image courtesy CDC.

NINE more people died of covid19 and 182 more became infected with the virus, said the Ministry of Health update on Friday. Since last year, some 1,359 people have died. Now some 3,861 have the virus. Since last year, some 46,735 people have had covid19, of whom 41,515 have recovered.

There are 291 people now in hospital, 69 in step-down facilities, 126 in state quarantine and 3,319 in home self-isolation. Up to now, 323,983 people have been tested in all.

So far, 539,607 people have had the first dose of a two-dose vaccination regime. Some 423,202 have had a second dose.

Some 8,027 have had the single-dose regime (Johnson and Johnson.) In all 431,229 people are fully vaccinated.


"9 dead, 182 new covid19 cases"

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