Best Village inspired Trillian to become an entertainer

Kervyn “Trillian” Rayside.
Kervyn “Trillian” Rayside.

SINCE Kervyn “Trillian” Rayside’s age was just a single digit, he was in love with TT’s culture and the entertainment industry. This, he credits majorly to the local Best Village heritage competition.

The Arouca native writes songs, skits, plays and performs extempo.

He told Newsday, “(At Best Village), just listening and singing folk songs and playing the drums, liming with the was a joy. I was around seven years old.”

He said while growing up he was inspired by artistes like Sparrow, Kitchener, Duke, Shadow, among others.

“I admire them all. I love the culture we have.”

When it comes to music, he dabbles in soca, dancehall and reggae, while for skits, he leans to the comedic side.

“I was writing a lot of poetry from (age) eight to 16. I never really got into singing on my own til in my 20s.”

He said he recently penned an idea for a sitcom but then when social media applications like TikTok took over, “I said TV didn’t make sense so I’m working on adjusting these ideas for these new platforms.”

He said he does not want to be classed as an artiste of any particular genre, as, “I drive in all lanes.”

In his song Arise, he pleads with youths to “stop killing out one another” and to “open their eyes” by uniting.

Kervyn “Trillian” Rayside

He said the issues in society must be dealt with “from the roots.”

“For me, putting out the music I put out is to inspire happiness, joy, make you think about love, the society you’re in...I tailor-fit suits for everybody.”

He said the love for the music is what keeps him going despite not having his “big break” yet.

“I’ve put thousands (of dollars) into music and I probably haven’t even gotten back one per cent of that. But I love writing.

“I took a break once to see about my family but even during that break, I never stopped writing.

“If you’re having a bad day, I have a song that could make you feel good. If you are having a good day, I have a song that could make you feel even better.”

His music can be found on his YouTube channel Trillianmuzic.


"Best Village inspired Trillian to become an entertainer"

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