Wallerfield men robbed while trying to sell phone

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Police in the Eastern Division are reminding the public to be cautious when meeting strangers for business transactions as they could be lured into a robbery.

The warning came after two Wallerfield men were robbed while trying to sell a cellphone in Valencia.

Police said the men went to Plantation Road, Valencia, at around 11.30 am on Wednesday to meet a customer who had agreed to buy an iPhone 7 from them.

The "customer" took them to the side of a house, where they saw three men dressed in black.

One of them had a gun and took the phone from them before hitting one of them several times with the gun.

They ran away and reported the incident to the police.

Valencia police went to the area and searched for the criminals but did not find anyone.

Speaking with Newsday, senior police in the Eastern Division warned that there was a trend of bandits posing as customers and retailers on social media, and urged the public to be mindful of this when meeting strangers for business transactions.

One officer reminded businesses and individuals to ask customers to meet them at police stations for any exchange of cash or goods.


"Wallerfield men robbed while trying to sell phone"

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