Machel's cruise moves from ship to shore

Machel Montano
Machel Montano

Soca star Machel Montano announced via Instagram on Tuesday that the Mele: Carnival At Sea cruise will move from ship to shore. The cruise was a collaborative effort between Montano and Tribe.

Instead, he said there will now be the first-ever Mele Destinations.

Montano also promised to “reveal all” this Friday.

Mele: Carnival at Sea cruise was postponed to 2022 after the covid19 pandemic hit.

Montano announced at last year’s Machel Monday, that the show was going to be his last and that his next venture would be the Mele cruise done in collaboration with Tribe.

In the video on Instagram, Montano said, “We made a big, big decision. After months and months of deliberation, we decided to postpone the inaugural sail of Mele: Carnival At Sea.”

He said the cruiser's enjoyment has always been its organisers top priority but fun will never take precedence over safety.

“Your safety is paramount to anything that we do and any action we take. The team feels that the cruise industry will be ready for all the mele we intend to cause on the high seas at a later time.

“They not ready for us in 2022. We decided we going from ship to shore. The first ever Mele Destinations but where we going, when we going?”

He added that "Captain Machel" was going to reveal all to the cruisers.

The caption accompanying the video said there will be fete from sun-up to sun-down in an all-inclusive oasis for five days and four nights.

The caption also said there will be premium drinks, fetes all day and night, top quality restaurants, luxury accommodations and live performances daily.

By March last year some of the cabins for the cruise had already sold out, a September 2020 Newsday article then said.


"Machel’s cruise moves from ship to shore"

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