Princes Town residents: Please fix Guaracara Tabaquite Road

Guaracara Tabaquite Road. Photo by Ryan Hamilton-Davis
Guaracara Tabaquite Road. Photo by Ryan Hamilton-Davis

Princes Town residents are calling on Minister of Works Rohan Sinanan to ensure the repair of the Guaracara Tabaquite Road, which they said has been making life difficult for them and the wider community that uses the road.

Alvin K Daniel, councillor for Ben Lomond/Hardbargain/Williamsville, said, “The residents are grateful for the portion of the road that was paved earlier this year and the multiple patching exercises.

"However, the roadway is still in a deplorable condition, and we are kindly asking that more is done given the immediate threat of life and loss of property.”

Daniel said the road has several potholes “that can be compared to craters” and landslips which could have severe impacts.

“The recently repaired Garth Road landslip has not only become an eyesore but a serious hazard.”

He said resources are being allocated for numerous development projects like the Desperadoes pan theatre, which has been estimated to cost about $14 million, but resources were not being provided to repair the road.

“ I am informed that there is a lack of material accessible to the ministry to do repairs and I believe that your personal intervention is required to bring resolve,” he told the minister.

“Life has become difficult for the commuting residents who are already inundated by the impact of effects of covid19. The citizens are asking for your immediate intervention and assistance.”


"Princes Town residents: Please fix Guaracara Tabaquite Road"

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