Abdulah appeals to Biden: Help Cuba fight covid19

David Abdulah. File Photo.
David Abdulah. File Photo.

MOVEMENT for Social Justice (MSJ) political leader David Abdulah said ending the USembargo of Cuba would be an act of humanity that would allow Cubans to better protect themselves against the ravages of covid19.

The embargo began in February 1962, under the John F Kennedy administration.

Before delivering an open letter to US President Joe Biden to the US Embassy in Port of Spain on Thursday, Abdulah said, " If President Biden is concerned about humanity as he says he is, then the humanitarian thing to do is to end the blockade."

Under former US president Donald Trump, he said, some additional measures were imposed to strengthen the US embargo against Cuba during the pandemic.

"This, in our view, is horrific."

Abdulah explained: "Cuba can't buy, on the open market, syringes or ventilators or other medicines that are necessary for the treatment of Cuban nationals who are suffering from covid."

He recalled that Biden campaigned last year on the issue of covid.

"He said then that President Trump was not saving lives, and we agree with that."

Abdulah asked, "Is the life of an American more important than the life of a Cuban or anything else?

"All lives must be saved."

Last month, Abdulah said, "In the face of all the difficulties that Cuba is experiencing it is able to demonstrate its humanity in ways that other, rich countries are not."

Cuba, he said, was "assisting many countries with medical professionals to support health care and the treatment of covid patients. Other countries are hoarding vaccines."

Abdulah said the letter was drafted by several local stakeholders who are concerned about the continuing US blockade of Cuba.


"Abdulah appeals to Biden: Help Cuba fight covid19"

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