Take the jab for TT

THE EDITOR: My view on the present State of Emergency resulting from the number of deaths and rising cases is that the blame cannot be on our government, but rather on the uncaring citizens who refuse to follow the health protocols established to deal with this pandemic.

The offer to become fully vaccinated is one all responsible citizens should take up and champion to protect us all. To the anti-vaxxers and those still hesitant about the jab, I suggest you rethink your position. Do the research, check with your doctor for advice.

Results to date from the Ministry of Health indicates no deaths from covi19 in those who are vaccinated. Get proper and reliable information on the vaccine and ignore the detractors and naysayers

Take the vaccine so that eventually we as a nation can all look forward to a full reopening of our country and its economy.


Diego Martin


"Take the jab for TT"

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