Young artiste determined to get his music heard

Tyrel Ross -
Tyrel Ross -

Tyrel Ross is determined to make the best of every available opportunity to market his latest release, The new single, complete with a video, is streaming across all digital platforms.

“I worked with (Toronto-based) Dan Borgers and Jenna Nation on my previous release and I really enjoyed that experience, so we did it again,” Ross said.This Girl Is Hot.

“The song’s hook ‘This Girl is Hot’ stands for a lot more than a female’s physical beauty. I want females to understand that hot doesn’t just mean their physical looks, but it’s about their mind, their attitude, their flair and the way they carry themselves,” he said.

The 22-year-old is studying international transportation and trade at Suny Maritime College in New York. He is currently at home in Trinidad and Tobago on his summer break,

Growing up, Ross was a part of the parang band at his alma mater, Holy Cross College in Arima. His passion for music led him to learn to play the guitar and plans to learn to play the piano.

“It truly helps to have the support of my family,” he said.

Inspired by the work of artistes like Kalpee, Kees and Voice locally, and John Legend, Ed Sheran, Koffee and Chronixx, internationally, Ross said he feels there is a place for the island pop sound that’s been generating a buzz in recent time.

“I believe that given the opportunity to be heard more, island pop could be appreciated by wider audiences here at home,” and wants radio stations to give it a chance.

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"Young artiste determined to get his music heard"

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