Victims chase thieves to dead-end street until police arrive

File photo
File photo

A daring chase by the victims of a break-in ended with one of the suspected thieves being arrested.

Police reports said the bandit was held until Cpl Ramkissoon and PCs Joseph and Guevera, of the North-Eastern Division Task Force and Emergency Response Patrol respectively, responded to a report of a robbery.

In a three-minute-16-second video, a man recorded himself and his friend chasing three men in a red Nissan Sylphy while speaking with police on his cellphone. The man claimed the men broke into the car used in the chase and stole $20,000. The thieves broke the back right window of the pick-up and sped off with the cash.

The videographer chased after them and recorded the chase from near the Maritime roundabout to Gobin Avenue No2, El Socorro. There two of the three men escaped.

The third man was kept in the car by the two victims and held until police arrived.

Police said they know the identities of the two men who escaped, and arrests are imminent. They did not recover any money.

The break-in took place around 12.50 pm and the man was arrested around 1 pm.

The trio are all from Mayaro, police said and the driver was paid $500 to transport the men. His licence plate was falsified.

The video was shared on social media, with many people praising the men for following the thieves. Some warned that their actions were dangerous as they had put their lives at risk.


"Victims chase thieves to dead-end street until police arrive"

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