Ring the bell for Resistance

THE EDITOR: Come Emancipation Day, let us all ring the bell in honour of Lutalo "Brother Resistance" Masimba for what he has done and the sacrifices he made to raise the profile of Trinidad and Tobago culture and the rapso artform.

I generally respected Resistance's modesty, humility and yet stern attitude when it came to sharing his music and promoting our culture worldwide.

His high ideals and education achievements are greatly admired. Being spiritually gifted with the spoken word, Resistance gave praises to the Most High in each and every performanceand preached the real experiences of grassroot folks.

Masimba, who can easily be termed the Prince from Laventille, nevetheless walked the streets amongst us. He stood tall for his culture but was never aloof. He has left us with great memories and his legacy is secure.

Rest in peace, Rapso Master. You left a legacy that the young people should take the time to comprehend. True love is not really understood and far too often, we take our cultural icons for granted.




"Ring the bell for Resistance"

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