Illicit Trade Task Force a great idea

THE EDITOR: We are very encouraged to see that the Minister of Trade and Industry is setting up an Illicit Trade Task Force to monitor and have the correct duties paid on alcohol and tobacco products.

One of the items stated by Gabriel Faria, CEO of the TT Chamber of Industry and Commerce, was that the Government loses $100 million annually because of these problems, so there is no sense in raising duties on these items, but by correctly setting up the Illicit Trade Task Force.

One of the matters that this task force should check on is the stealing of these high-duty items from the port.

We can remember our company losing an entire container-load of McArthur's Scotch Whisky by its being stolen from the port. This type of theft, from a supposedly secure facility, easily leaves one to speculate if people working at the port or those who provide support services such as customs brokerage and even at Customs may have been involved.

Keep up the good work with the Illicit Trade Task Force, madam minister.


Managing Director

Trinidad Import & Export Ltd


"Illicit Trade Task Force a great idea"

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