10 years my son languishing in jail

THE EDITOR: I write this letter concerning my son Rodney George, who has been in the Maximum Security Prison in Golden Grove awaiting trial for murder for ten years now.

He is yet to get a proper hearing although he has a lawyer provided through legal aid.

I write to point out that every time his case is called – and this has been so for months going on into years – it always gets put off. It is either his lawyer isn't ready or the prosecutor couldn't come to court that day.

His case just gets being postponed and he is locked up awaiting the start of his trial. I am just tired and fed up of this delay, but as his mother, I still hope and pray his matter can begin. I'm not giving up. But now I can't even get on to his attorney to speak with her.

I'm a single parent and I don't have the funds to pay for a private lawyer to represent my son. I am asking those in authority, please, he has been waiting his trial for ten years. Please shed some light on why it is taking so long. Why must the justice system in this country be so slow?


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"10 years my son languishing in jail"

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