Fireworks on August 31...really?

THE EDITOR: I woke up on Monday morning to a public notice in the papers: “Fireworks at the Queen’s Park Savannah and in San Fernando, Tuesday August 31, 2021.”

Anyone else feels unbelievably angry and offended by this? We are a country trying to heal, and the thought of people congregating in crowds to watch half an hour of fireworks, costing millions of dollars – well, I have to shake my head and wonder who in their right minds believes this to be a good thing?

We are recovering from a pandemic which has seen over 1,000 (and counting) of our people die from the virus.

We as a country have incurred unbelievable debt trying to keep ourselves afloat in an ocean of uncertainty and dread brought on by the global health emergency.

We have people who lost their businesses and their jobs, people cannot put food on their tables, nor roofs over their heads – and those in authority want to have fireworks? Really? Seriously?

If it’s being sponsored, then shame on them, let the millions to acquire the fireworks go to those hundreds of our citizens who are in dire need of help.

And pandemic and suffering aside, what about the elderly and the animals who are annually badly affected by this? What about the animals in the zoo?

This is madness and someone needs to be an adult here and call a halt to this.




"Fireworks on August 31…really?"

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