Child abuse is everyone's business

THE EDITOR: It saddens me to read, hear or watch the news on what seems to be a growing trend of sexual abuse offences being committed on our children.

It has been said that how a country treats its children and elderly ­– two of the more vulnerable sectors of society – shows its true progression (or regression). So, where are we going as a nation, when close relatives and family friends are the one preying on our innocent and helpless children?

A single act, or several, done for selfish personal pleasure can have the effect of seriously damaging or even ruining a young life and taking away the tenderness and innocence of youth.

It is sage advice for parents to be very careful in choosing who to leave their children with or to send them by. Gone are the days when family friends were referred to as "uncle" and "aunty," thus leaving naive children with the notion or belief that that family friend is someone they can trust.

What is galling is that some of the very people I am giving this advice to, are the ones I read of in the newspapers or hear on the radio as being the predators preying on our children.

As a nation, we cannot take the issue of child sex abuse lightly for we are dealing with tomorrow's adults and leaders. We must do all we can, from not only a governmental level but also at the level of the community to protect our children.

If you see something being done to a child or know of such a crime, let the police know. If you can, advise parents especially young parents on the dangers posed by leaving their children with any and everyone. We can no longer say to ourselves, "it's not my business."

Protecting the youths and giving them every opportunity to grow and reach their full potential without the burden or emotional and physical trauma and abuse, ought to be everyone's business. We owe it to the children.


San Juan


"Child abuse is everyone's business"

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