WASA chair: Claim of misconduct is in our lawyers' hands

Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) chairman Ravindra Nanga -
Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) chairman Ravindra Nanga -

WATER and Sewerage Authority (WASA) chairman Ravindra Nanga said a request to investigate the conduct of three senior officials at the authority is in the hands of WASA's attorneys.

In a brief comment on Tuesday, Nanga said, "The matter has been referred to our attorneys for the appropriate response and we will be guided by their advice."

On Monday, Newsday reported that Lennox Lezama, who was appointed by WASA to investigate an allegation of misconduct against an employee earlier this year, had asked for an urgent investigation into the conduct of three WASA senior officials at the authority.

Lezama's attorney Alana Rambaran wrote to WASA CEO Sherland Sheppard and Nanga on July 23, calling on them to investigate the officials. in the belief that the matter should be referred to the police and the Director of Public Prosecutions.

Lezama said he was appointed to investigate a process plant operator who allegedly allowed an unauthorised non-employee to use one of WASA’s vehicles for personal reasons.

The letter said Lezama submitted his report on March 4, and the next day, he was called into a meeting. There he was reportedly told to urge the plant operator to “tell him the truth,” and that the operator had been seen by a “high official” outside the authority, and if he co-operated, WASA would be lenient on him.

The letter said Lezama expressed his concern over these directions, but did as he was instructed, going back to the plant operator. He adjusted his report to reflect what the plant operator told him.

Lezama said on May 20, he received a call from one of the senior managers to leave out the conclusions and recommendations of his report, but resisted.

The letter said Lezama was then summoned to a meeting with one of the officials.

In the letter, Lezama has asked for certain information in a freedom of information request, including minutes of a meeting and certain information relating to employment records.

He also wants to know if disciplinary proceedings have been initiated against the three senior officials.


"WASA chair: Claim of misconduct is in our lawyers’ hands"

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