Exercise fans hit the ground running in Tobago

Members of Mello Hit Fitness Class. PHOTO COURTESY SEVE ANTHONY
Members of Mello Hit Fitness Class. PHOTO COURTESY SEVE ANTHONY

THE relief of finally being able to exercise outdoors has been evident in Tobago since Monday.

That was the first day people were allowed to exercise in public since the middle of May because of the covid19 pandemic.

A drive through parts of the island saw scores of people from as early as 5.30 am out in their sportswear with cellphones in hand and pockets, pumping to their favourite music.

The weather was perfect for the first day out.

Some people who were shy of having their photos taken said they were happy for the opportunity to work on their physique, address health concerns and generally keep fit.

Someone jokingly remarked, "We waiting for the beaches and gyms to open now."

Members of the Mello Hit Fitness class were seen building a sweat at the Calder Hall hard court.

Stephen Lovell at French Fort. PHOTO COURTESY SEVE ANTHONY

Instructor Bert Melville said he was extremely grateful that the Government had relaxed the measures and hoped people would adhere to the guidelines.

Stephen Lovell of Bon Accord was seen at the popular French Fort Hill location and said he was happy for the fresh air and the opportunity to regain some fitness.

Lovell said while he is a regular at French Fort, there were moments he felt like giving up while going up the hill after such a long break.


"Exercise fans hit the ground running in Tobago"

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