Disconnect in our society

THE EDITOR: After reading an opinion piece in a newspaper, I was left unable to understand how it is that the Ministry of Social Development and Family Affairs, and our MPs, elected to serve the poor in their districts, do not know who are the ones in real need of assistance.

It takes our newspapers to highlight via stories and photos, the dire plight and circumstances of some people and families in TT who do not have anything to eat, or even have birth certificates.

All those long lines to collect hampers do not necessarily include the homeless and the very poor, those who do not even have the energy to line up for handouts.

It has also been reported that 500 people who applied to the Ministry of Social Development and Family Affairs still have not received their grants to buy food.

One would think that because of the lockdown caused by the pandemic, our elected MPs would have made it their business to seek out those in their constituencies who are in dire need of help.

Now, on the subject of MPs getting tax-free vehicles while a lot of the people who voted for them are in need and not receiving help: is this not a case of "the cart being put before the horse?"

There is a disconnect in too many areas in our country.

The poor, we will always have among us, so assistance is always needed to help them. But apart from food, we also need to get the poor and needy back on their feet via training and employment opportunities.




"Disconnect in our society"

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