Revisit the elbow-bounce greeting

THE EDITOR: I wish to draw you attention about a covid19 protocol I see people observing, but I fail to see the common sense in it.

I have seen it being observed and I cringe every time. We observe the mask wearing, we observe the physical distancing.

The protocol I speak of is the greeting of each other by bouncing/touching of our elbows.Now, forgive my asking, but isn't the elbow one of the options given to us to sneeze or cough into or if we have to blow our noses?

These elbow-use protocols have been given by leading world authorities such as the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control, to name a few.

I am not sure how it may have been derived. But, how would I know if someone I meet has followed this elbow-use protocol? How would someone who meets me know if I have followed this protocol? Yet we are told to greet each other by touching elbows.

Why are we greeting each other by making contact with the same part of the body we have been advised to cough, or sneeze or blow our noses into?

I am amazed to see people from presidents to the common man in the street practising this protocol. Where is the common sense in this protocol I ask?

May I suggest that if we want to greet each other we could bounce/touch the back of our wrists, or even just wave. Please, let us show some covid common sense.


Wellness coach


"Revisit the elbow-bounce greeting"

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