Illegal 'shopper' held inside Massy Stores in Chaguanas

A 33-YEAR-OLD man was arrested after being found "shopping" inside the Mid Centre Mall branch of Massy Stores early on Wednesday morning.

Police said members of the Chaguanas CID and the Central Division Task Force received a report of an alarm being triggered at the store at around 2.40 am.

PoliceĀ  saw a hole cut in the glass at the side of the building. Inside, they saw the man walking the aisles and packing items from the shelves into bags he was carrying.

The man, who is from Petersfield in Chaguanas ,was arrested and taken to the Chaguanas police station, where he was interviewed, and is facing several charges.


"Illegal ‘shopper’ held inside Massy Stores in Chaguanas"

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