CAL: Higher demand for flights out of Trinidad and Tobago than in

In this file photo a Caribbean Airlines plane takes off.
In this file photo a Caribbean Airlines plane takes off.

Caribbean Airlines Ltd has seen a higher demand in bookings for flights out of Trinidad and Tobago, over people travelling into the country, one week after the borders were reopened.

TT reopened its borders on July 17, after 15 months of being shut to control the spread of covid19.

Dionne Ligoure, head of corporate communications at state-owned CAL, said on Wednesday the airline has been operating with fewer flights. She was being interviewed on the TTT Now Morning Show.

“We are operating in a reduced schedule, but this is coinciding with the predicating trend of decreased demand. All of the projected traffic for this period is coming in as we had anticipated, which is a softening of the market because of the pandemic.

She said most of the flights are booked by people travelling from TT.

“Some of the traffic is what we call directional, where you have people moving in one direction. Out of TT there is a spike and that is expected given the period of extended closure. For instance, if somebody has residential issues to address in the US, people with medical issues, those with properties, and then there are people who experienced a level of fatigue and have the capacity to move.”

Although CAL is operating with fewer flights, Ligoure said the airline is still working on filling the gap in the region.

“We want to ensure the stimulation of commerce because within the region the movement of goods and services is critical.”

When asked about a possible cut in the cost of ticket prices, Ligoure said the pandemic has introduced additional operating costs but, “Eventually that is something that would have to be looked at. Putting fares together is not the most straightforward issue. So in addition to taxes, there are different types of fees. And a lot of the elements are elements the airline has little or no control….

“It is something we are looking at, but you have to remember an element of the calculation of fares is also driven by demand and supply...All I can say is we are working feverishly to offer value in terms of the fares.”


"CAL: Higher demand for flights out of Trinidad and Tobago than in"

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