Dr Le Blanc: Everyone 18 and over should take the covid19 shots right now

Dr Asante Le Blanc in her Woodbrook office - Photo by Jeff Mayers
Dr Asante Le Blanc in her Woodbrook office - Photo by Jeff Mayers

Chairman of the Cancer Society Dr Asante Le Blanc has said people should understand the protection generated by vaccines against covid19 and she invited the population to take it.

Le Blanc spoke on Tuesday on a radio show on I95 FM, answering questions about covid19.

On the vaccines that have reached TT, she said, “The vaccines are being well received around the world. Everyone 18 and over in TT should take their shots right now."

Le Blanc said there are several brands of vaccines approved for TT and some others are coming soon.

"We report normal symptoms after vaccination, such as pain in the area and fatigue."

"Adverse events manifest themselves, depending on the person and after seven days...so far we have not heard of any adverse events with the Sinopharm vaccine and we have to use it to save lives."

She said currently covid19 vaccines have between 75 and 80 per cent proven efficacy.

“We have vaccines for many diseases and the defence of your body is ready now with these vaccines."

On covid19 she said, "This is a new virus that we are learning from.

On the issue of vaccine hesitancy - given reports in the international media of complications and even deaths due to the vaccine - Dr Le Blanc said there is no comparison when one considers the millions of deaths worldwide caused by the virus versus deaths due to vaccine complications.

She said people should learn about vaccines through reliable means and follow the recommendations of specialists who know the vaccines are efficacious against covid19.

"However, we must continue with health measures to protect society, because it is important to understand even with two doses we can transmit the virus."

On the delta variant, she said the vaccines have shown equal efficacy.

Le Blanc answered a few questions about people who had tested positive for covid19.

After having the virus, she said, "People have an immunity of approximately six months, but it is preferable to take the (vaccine) doses when the doctors recommend it for greater protection, although this is still under investigation."

She said although young people have a higher percentage of antibodies, adults should be vaccinated to prevent young people from being infected, since in other countries there are cases of children infected with the delta variant.

She said scientists around the world are still investigating how long the immunity given by the vaccines lasts.


"Dr Le Blanc: Everyone 18 and over should take the covid19 shots right now"

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