CoP: Police to monitor reopened restaurants, exercise

Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith - Photo by Sureash Cholai
Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith - Photo by Sureash Cholai

Police Commissioner Gary Griffith said the police will be altering their operational plans and strategies to keep up with changes in the public health regulations.

As of Monday, the rules now allow the sale of food at restaurants and outdoor exercise in groups of up to five.

Speaking with Newsday, Griffith said to meet the changes in activities, the police would focus on foot patrols to monitor and ensure adherence to the regulations.

He said before the restrictions were lifted, the main focus of the police would have been mobile patrols to ensure compliance with the curfew restrictions, but now more attention would now be placed on ensuring public obedience,

He called on restaurants to do their part when serving customers.

Griffith also reminded the public that he could close any restaurant found violating the regulations.

"I have directed specifically in places where there is a high volume of roadside vending, restaurants, and where people participate in outdoor exercising, for there to be increased police foot patrols to ensure that food vendors and establishments that sell food, they play their part and ensure that people do not consume meals on the premises.

"Failure to do this can result in the shutdown of these places. I do have the authority to do this, under Section 133 of the Public Health Regulations."

He said based on observations from the police operational command centre, the reopening of fast-food restaurants was relatively quiet, with no large gatherings, but promised the police would remain vigilant.


"CoP: Police to monitor reopened restaurants, exercise"

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