MSJ: Cuba handling covid19 better than most countries

David Abdulah -
David Abdulah -

CUBA is handling the covid19 pandemic better than most countries in the world. This was the argument advanced by Movement for Social Justice (MSJ) political leader David Abdulah as he reiterated the party's call for an end to the United States embargo of Cuba.

The embargo began in February 1962, under the John F Kennedy administration.

In a statement on Sunday, Abdulah said, "In the face of all the difficulties that Cuba is experiencing it is able to demonstrate its humanity in ways that other, rich countries are not."

He said Cuba was "assisting many countries with medical professionals to support health care and the treatment of covid patients. Other countries are hoarding vaccines."

After saying Cuba has been able to develop several covid19 vaccines (Soberana 2, Abdala) and is committed to making vaccines available to countries that have little or no access to them, Abdulah said, "Cuba is managing the Covid pandemic better than most. To date just over 1,800 people have died from covid in a country with a population of over 11 million – nine times that of Trinidad and Tobago. Yet we have 1,000 deaths."

He said the MSJ's call for an end to the embargo is supported by the fact that on June 23, the UN General Assembly voted for the 29th consecutive year that the US should end the blockade. Abdulah said only the US and Israel voted for the embargo to remain in force.


"MSJ: Cuba handling covid19 better than most countries"

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