Rowley: National Security Council responding to crime

Coast Guard officers on the jetty at Stauble Bay, Chaguaramas. - Photo by Sureash Cholai
Coast Guard officers on the jetty at Stauble Bay, Chaguaramas. - Photo by Sureash Cholai

THE Prime Minister on Saturday said as head of the National Security Council he is always concerned about crime in the country, but was grateful that the authorities are responding to it.

“We are concerned and we are responding. I am very grateful that our security forces are responding and we have improved our ability to respond," Dr Rowley said when asked about the murder of eight people on Wednesday, during a media conference at the Diplomatic Centre, St Ann's.

Rowley was also asked about the discovery of heavy artillery seized in the past months. In June, an AR 15 assault rifle, two pistols, a revolver, C4 plastic explosives with detonators and two wireless radios found outside the Maximum Security Prison (MSP), Arouca.

That find came after police and customs seized 30 guns and 762 rounds of assorted ammunition in April. The items were all being smuggled into the country through Piarco International Airport.

Included in the seized items were four police sirens, four sets of police blue lights, a bulletproof vest, six black balaclavas, similar to those used by elite units of the protective services and a packet of pills believed to be ecstasy.

The items were believed part of a plot to break criminals out of jail, as well as to commit other serious organised crime and came days after another large haul of illegal guns.

In that find customs seized nine rifle magazines, 11 pistol magazines, one AR-15 butt, one AR-15 barrel, and three pistol slides, and a revolver.

On Saturday, Rowley said the security services are “fully engaged” adding that they are cognizant of the fact that there are those in society concentrated on criminality.

“In our population there are citizens who, their position is that crime pays and now they have chosen that way of life. There are those who choose to supply us with items we don’t make in this country like weapons.”

On Friday, Rowley spoke at the arrival ceremony of two Austal Cape class patrol vessels meant to improve monitoring of the country's coastlines.. The patrol boats were handed over to TT in May and arrived in the country on July 7. The 58-metre vessels can stay at sea for up to 28 days on patrol and can accommodate 27 crew members.


"Rowley: National Security Council responding to crime"

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