Were groups right to boycott ministry meeting?

THE EDITOR: Are our teachers, especially school principals, a force established to hold back progress in our country?

Apparently the Ministry of Education sent out a 30-plus-page document outlining proposals for the reopening of schools in early September and asking various stakeholders for their comments.

The document was issued on July 9 requesting responses at a meeting scheduled for July 12. Some teachers' groups were offended at being treated with such "scant courtesy" (a particularly vile Trini offence) and stated they will not participate in that meeting or discussions. We expected them to work over a weekend?

What are our children and young people to make of such disregard for their progress and their teachers' willful stubbornness and clear laziness? What do readers think about this? Were the teachers right or wrong?

Your answer will indicate whether we can recover from our covid19 and general malaise or not.



Editor’s note: TTUTA met with the ministry on Tuesday.


"Were groups right to boycott ministry meeting?"

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