Thieves nabbed after police track stolen cellphone

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File photo

THREE men were arrested on Wednesday after police tracked the cellphone of a man they robbed the day before.

Police said the victim took a PH taxi hoping to be taken to the Croisee, San Juan around 4.30 pm. The car, which was occupied by three other men including the driver, took the victim to Johnny King Road, San Juan, where the driver locked the doors and rolled up the windows.

Police said the man asked to be let out, but the back-seat "passenger" put a gun on the victim's leg and took his cellphone and cash before he was let out.

A day later the the victim reported the robbery to PC Patrick, who accessed the victim's Google account and tracked the cellphone to the corner of Petit Curacaye and Santa Cruz Old Road.

The cellphone was found in a car matching the description given to police and three men matching the description of the thieves were arrested. The victim later identified the men.


"Thieves nabbed after police track stolen cellphone"

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