Police advisory on travel to airport during curfew


WITH the country's borders set to be reopened on Saturday, the police have issued a release on Friday on the procedure people need to follow to avoid being charged for breach of the curfew hours when going to and from Piarco airport.

The release said if anyone is going to pick up arriving passengers at Piarco during the 9 pm-5 am curfew hours, the arriving passengers should send the following by cell phone:

1 A copy of the flight information.

2 A copy of the passport showing the photo, or any other document to support their arrival in the country to the person who will be meeting them at the airport.

The police said the same applies to people travelling out of the country who need to be on the road during curfew hours.

This information can then be presented to any police officer who may stop and ask about their movement during the curfew. Failure to provide the information could lead to prosecution.


"Police advisory on travel to airport during curfew"

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