Cabinet concerned about Wednesday's murders

File photo: Communications Minister Symon de Nobriga
File photo: Communications Minister Symon de Nobriga

NATIONAL Security Minister Fitzgerald Hinds is "concerned" about the killing of eight people including two women on Wednesday, in response to another murder and the issue was discussed at a Cabinet level on Thursday.

Responding to questions on Thursday at the post-Cabinet media briefing, Communications Minister Symon de Nobriga said the issue was raised in Cabinet among other things.

Asked what the Government’s response was, de Nobriga said: “Matters of national security are always discussed at Cabinet.

"The Minister of National Security obviously is concerned, however, the management of that is in the more-than-adequate hands of the Commissioner of Police. We expect that the police will continue to do the job that they are doing.”

On Wednesday, police reported that 8 people were murdered in three separate instances. Teshera McKenna, 39, and son Jordan McKenna, 19, were found dead at 8.37 am in a car along Arima Old Road. A third man Jeremiah DeFreitas, 18, was a short distance away. He and Jordan were friends.

At 9.05 am police received a report of a shooting in St John's Road, Tunapuna, where three people killed. Police said vendor Jasper Jones was at his shop on St John's Road, Tunapuna with Matthew Calliste Pereira and Kaliele Jackson when a white Nissan AD Wagon approached them and five men got out shooting at them.

Jones, 32, died on the scene while Pereira and Jackson died while receiving medical care at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex.

While at that scene police received a report of a double murder a short distance away. Police went and found the bodies of Mustaph Mohammed, 44, and Amanda Mohammed.

The minister also clarified that while there may be discussion surrounding mandatory vaccinations, that issue was not raised at a Cabinet level.

“There is no conversation being had right now with regards to moving away from voluntary vaccination. That has not presented itself to Cabinet for conversation.”

Cabinet also discussed the 268 bursary winners which will cost just over $14 million.


"Cabinet concerned about Wednesday’s murders"

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