TRHA warns of mischief on claims of rising covid19 cases

The Scarborough General Hospital, Signal Hill, Toabgo.  -
The Scarborough General Hospital, Signal Hill, Toabgo. -

THE Tobago Regional Health Authority (TRHA) says claims of rising covid19 cases from the Scarborough General Hospital are “dangerous and outrageous.”

In a statement on Sunday, the TRHA said the “public mischief” only served to destablise the management of covid19 on the island and can result in panic among the population and staff at the facilities.

The release said the claims of rising cases at the Scarborough hospital were “are dishonest and loaded with dangerous intent.

“The public is reminded that official daily and weekly reports of the cases on the island have been made available and will continue to be made available to the public.

“In that regard, the weekly covid19 press conferences will allow medical practitioners to speak to issues and provide the public with information, which they can use to make relevant decisions.”

The release added that covid19 was everywhere and there was no perfect response to an imperfect situation.

“However, management will continue to ensure that there is widespread testing at our facilities and on the island.”

It also noted that the TRHA now had its own antigen testing machine for quick turnaround of results and management of hospital admissions, personal protective equipment (PPE) for health care workers, sanitisation, monitoring, isolation and other protocols will continue to be followed.

“Now is not the time for public mischief and attempting to engender an atmosphere of distrust in the work of staff in the health care system.

“Our staff need encouragement at this time…This pandemic demands that we help not hinder progress.”


"TRHA warns of mischief on claims of rising covid19 cases"

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