Lasara Kalloo, 10, puts in the hard work to become musician, vet

Lasara Kalloo concentrates on get the notes write playing the tenor pan. -
Lasara Kalloo concentrates on get the notes write playing the tenor pan. -

Lasara Kalloo wants to be a musician and a veterinarian.

She already knows that she’ll have to dedicate a lot of time to learn about both fields.

After all, Lasara’s parents, Camille and Sherwin, always remind her that it’s possible to achieve anything once you’re a hard worker and patient.

So daily, you can find Lasara watching animal videos on YouTube or practising the four instruments she plays – the steelpan, drums, keyboards and recorder.

“A dream does not become reality through magic…it takes sweat, determination and lots of hard work. With God on your side, anything is possible,” said Lasara, 10, who lives in Marabella.

A standard four student at San Fernando TML, Lasara has been singing since the age of four.

Over the past five years, she has become more active in music groups at the Susumacahar Presbyterian Church, in San Fernando.

“I like music because when I sing or play an instrument, I feel free, and I belong.

“I don’t know how to explain it but it’s like a happy feeling. I also like to make people happy when I perform.”

Since Lasara started playing the steelpan in church, in 2016, she’s learnt to play gospel, pop, classical music and soca.

That same year, Lasara’s dad also bought her a tenor pan to practise at home.

While she didn’t find learning to play the steelpan to be very hard, she did think learning to read the notes was a bit complex.

To get over this hurdle, her tutors identified the notes on the pan with a marker until she didn’t need it anymore.

“Someone who is really helpful in teaching me the pan is Mr George Polliar, my church’s music director.

“Amanda John, also someone from my church, is really helpful with teaching me to play the pan. She arranges music and is really funny as well.”

In 2018, Lasara wanted to challenge herself more and learn new instruments so, she started playing the drums and keyboards.

She also began learning to play the recorder in school.

Lasara Kalloo, with tenor sticks in hand, is all set to practise playing the pan. PHOTOS BY ANGELO MARCELLE -

Of the four instruments she plays, which does she find to be the hardest?

“The recorder is not really the hardest but it’s a little complex. When you blow into the recorder, you have to be careful not to do so too hard or easy because the sound wouldn’t come out well.

“When you move your fingers on the recorder, it can be difficult. If it’s a faster song…you have to move your fingers really fast and you can mess up really easy.”

Lasara has put her talents to the test by entertaining guests at a few church functions and events like birthday parties.

While she makes progress in music, Lasara is starting the work needed to be a vet by learning as much about animals as she can.

“I just love animals because they are so fascinating. Just like how music is fascinating to me, animals are fascinating to me as well.

“I love learning about different exotic animals like lemurs.”

“My dad and I, when I was younger, would find documentaries to watch and even now we do so in my spare time.”

She’s already had a taste of being a vet.

“My aunt has a dog which had puppies. I went and took care of them, and they are all big now in different homes. The type of dog breed is a Belgium Malinois.

At home, Lasara has pet fish and after SEA, next year, she’ll be adding a pet dog to her list.

“I have a dog, but it lives by my aunt because my mom said I can have him after I finish write SEA.”

Lasara thanks God, her parents and all her teachers for their continued support.


"Lasara Kalloo, 10, puts in the hard work to become musician, vet"

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