Fashion entrepreneurs learn about intellectual property

Lisa Marie Daniel, general manager of Fashion TT. -
Lisa Marie Daniel, general manager of Fashion TT. -

THE Trinidad and Tobago Company Limited (FashionTT) in partnership with the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) and the Arthur Lok Jack Global School of Business (ALJGSB) hosted two webinars in intellectual property (IP) for fashion entrepreneurs.

They were educated on how their designs and/or innovations can be protected, the application processes required for both online and offline, coupled with a digital tour of the IPO and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) websites showcasing all of the dynamic tools available, a media release said.

Speaking on the importance of the webinar held on June 22 and July 3, Lisa-Marie Daniel, general manager, FashionTT, told the entrepreneurs that understanding intellectual property is critical for business, the release said.

“Intellectual Property (IP) is an invaluable intangible asset for companies which can yield both brand recognition and sustainable financial rewards on the global stage. Understanding IP is critical for fashion businesses and we will continue to collaborate with the IPO on training and practical initiatives related to this area,” Daniel said.

Facilitator Richard Aching shared in detailed presentations on topics such as IP rights specific to the fashion industry and how they can serve as assets to one’s business; taking your ideas to market; the territorial nature of IP protections and the rules of navigating internationally; best practices and tactics as seen globally with renowned fashion brands; IP registration processes and do I need IP to be in business?

This was sixth instalment of webinars within FashionTT’s Entrepreneurial Proficiency Programme (EPP). The 2021 training is themed Business Readiness for the Virtual World, the next webinar is scheduled for July 24, on the subject Ready-Set-Go to a Virtual Trade Show! the release said.

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"Fashion entrepreneurs learn about intellectual property"

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